Online Courses: Creation Flow






Product designer

An online course product for content creators to start monetizing their knowledge and

grow their business.


Korvo is an all-in-one SaaS platform for content creators where they set up their home page, display their digital products (events, digital products, courses).

With that product, we aimed to empower users to share their expertise through courses, connect with their online audience, and get paid.


First, market research was conducted for every aspect, thoroughly exploring the finer details.

Following that, we assessed and defined the scope of the project. Time constraints made us reduce the first scope of the product.

Created so many different wireframes for layout options to decide which one we should go with.

After deciding on the layout itself, I started to create the final designs.


Separated the create flow into 3 steps, establishing a more organized flow for users to navigate through.

  • Course content

  • Course page

  • Other settings

Step 1 —> Course Content

To build the curriculum, there are three options to organize

section —> lesson —> content

Users can add seven different content types to build a course.

video, youtube link, image, audio, pdf, text, link

Step 2 —> Course Page

Our goal for this step was to create a basic, simple page builder as V1 of the product.

There are four main actions;

  • Change the layout

  • Add new section

  • Order sections

  • Remove sections

In addition to the default sections, users can add five more additional sections to make their course page look more personalized.

  • Checklist

  • Testimonials

  • FAQ

  • Grid

Four hero layout options are accessible to users

Every section can be customized in terms of both design and content.