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Advanced Reports is a module where users can generate customizable reports offering detailed insights into their organization's phishing activities.


Keepnet Labs is a B2B cyber security platform that specializes in preventing companies from email-based attacks. So with that module, we aimed to offer users the ability to easily generate customizable reports for analyzing their organization's phishing campaign statistics.


On Keepnet, users can create realistic simulated phishing campaigns to test their employees' ability to recognize suspicious emails. They can check the results through a simple report that shows information such as who clicked on phishing links or opened the email etc.

But that simple one campaign report wasn't enough for them. Users expressed the need to access comprehensive results including all the campaigns they simulated over a specific period.


Due to time constraints, I couldn't directly engage with users for research to learn about their experiences with the current reports and what they want to achieve therefore I conducted meetings with the support and customer teams and collected extensive feedback on customer needs.

Afterward, I did some competitor analysis. During this research process, I checked out the features offered by other companies.

I divided users into three distinct groups by closely observing their usage patterns and behaviors on the platform.

I compiled a feature pool based on the existing user profiles by considering both user-specified requests and findings from the competitor analysis.

We then reviewed this feature pool with product managers. We determined that the business should start by focusing on the basics, and decided to improve the product over time by adding additional features to these basic points

After clarifying the features we decided on, I created structures and flows for each of them.

Designed high-fidelity wireframes and proceeded to generate handoff-ready designs.


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